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Skutch Product Service

On this page, you can watch installation videos, find answers to commonly asked questions, talk with tech support and view the latest product manuals.

Common Skutch MOH adapter issues

Yes, 1 or 2 lines work on a 2 line adapter; the 4 line adapters can have anywhere from 1 to 4 lines.

Usually it is best to install it at any of your existing phones.  Doing this will make any trouble shooting significantly easier.

All Skutch MOH adapters are just that, they let you Connect a Music Source to a phone line when a "Hold" condition is triggered.  All Skutch MOH adapters let you connect:  a Boom Box with Headphones output, a digital MOH Repeater or any other audio source with a Headphones output.

1.  Make sure the "Audio Source" is playing your message in a "Repeat" or "Looping" mode.
2.  When you activate the "Hold" for a phone, make sure the appropriate LINE LED on the Skutch box is activating.
3.  Make sure you have the correct Audio cord end plugged into both units; all Skutch MOH adapters take an Audio cable with an RCA plug on the end (it looks like a metal post with a flat metal crown circling it) and most Audio sources also accept a cable end with an RCA plug (though a few do use a cable with a Headphones style plug).
4.  Make sure you are connecting to an Audio source output that says something like:  8 ohm, 1 Watt, 2 Watt, High Power, Speaker Out, Headphones Out.
5.  If you have a BA-704, BA-704-2, EX-704, EX-704-2, make sure you are dialing a Touch Tone * or # on the handset/phone you are talking on; these units only activate when the appropriate Touch Tone is pressed.

1.  A likely cause is when the volume from the Audio source is turned up Too High, this can cause railing and distortion.
2.  If the audio is barely audible, make sure you are using the correct Audio cable to connect your Audio source to the Skutch MOH adapter.
3.  If you are calling from a Cell phone to test it, you need to be aware that Cell networks use special compression software to cram all the phone conversations and data onto the network stream, in doing so the algorithms they use are fine tuned to let talking through great, but not so much for the dynamics of music.  In this scenario we have heard the audio can range from really good to crackling garbage or nothing at all; we can't change this unfortunately but as technology increase so does the likelyhood for audio quality improvements.
4.  In some cases, if you are using low speed VoIP lines, the audio can come accross as choppy or distorted, you need to get higher bandwidth VoIP lines to correct this.

If the "Hold" isn't working while you are trying to test the system out, make sure you are calling from a Cell phone, a dedicated fax line (not a line connected to the Skutch adapter) or have someone call from outside your building.  Also make sure you don't use Speaker phone if calling from inside the building.

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